Pumpkin Spice // Job Interview

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday, I had a job interview that called for “business casual.” I was tired of wearing the classic black pants and collared shirt, so I switched out the black for my pumpkin colored cropped jeans. I paired it with my classic button-down, two sizes too big to get rid of the structure feel, while still being professional.

I decided to keep the theme going by adding tan ankle booties with fringe detail, and a  brick toned leather brief case. My goal was to mimic the hues of the leaves in this beautiful fall season. As I was driving, I spotted an old style colonial home, with delicate blue detail around the windows, and thought the color would be the perfect contrast to my outfit. So, I stopped to take some photos. My mom, of course, as always, was with me to capture the moment.

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– Dutchy Gazelle


Mens white button up: Originally from Express <$59.00>, Thrifted for <$5.00>

Jeans: Originally from Target <$25.95>, Thrifted for <$7.50>

Fringe booties: Target, Sale <$10.00>

Brief Case: Thrifted for <$4.00>

Ring: Gift


Where is Fall // Sweater Dress.


Dutchy Gazelle here,

I am such a fall girl. I love the leaves, the cosy layers, warm drinks, leather jackets, cuddling… etc.

How, though, does one dress in fall clothes while living in a 90 degree weather Austin, Tx?

The struggle is real. It’s a bit ridiculous if you ask me. I mean, come on. October? Really? Ha!

I somehow managed to create a fall look, while keeping as cool as I could. Just a simple sweater dress paired with last years trend, thigh-high stockings, and boots.

It simple, easy, yet still gives off the cozy fall vibe. The shorts keep it summer to go with the scorching October weather.

Comment down below, your thought and ideas!

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-Dutchy Gazelle


Sweater Dress: Forever 21 <$10.00>

Shorts: Thrifted <$4.00>

Thigh-highs: Target <$7.95>

Booties: H$M <$15.00>

Sunnies: Target <$7.95>

Ring: Thrifted <$.50>


Back to Basics

Todays look• Back to basics. I’ve been giving a lot of love to my new leather jacket lately, from Buffalo Exchange. Paired with army green capris and a plain black tee, this outfit is perfect for getting tacos with some friends. And that’s exactly what I was doing. Shout out to Torches Tacos!








Home Decor // Pinterest Inspo

Okay, so. I’m going through this phase where I have an intense desire to go decorate a house, any house. Scrolling through the home decor page on Pinterest, has been a pretty constant pass time for me lately. Though, I’m finding that my style keeps changing every few seconds. One minute I’ll be pinning pictures of large, elegant apartments on the Upper East Side of NYC, and the next will be a small country farm house with cute little pillows everywhere, or a stark white Swedish home with slanted attic ceilings. My style is sort of all over the place. Seriously though,the thought of a shopping spree at West Elm or Ikea excites me to the point were I can scream, although if I had my own home, every room would probably have a different look.

Below are a few inspiration photos for home decor that I have been loving lately. Comment below and share your personal home style with me!





Think Pink // Welcome to Austin

Ahhh, it’s so good to be back in Austin, TX. Honestly, this is one of my favorite cities in the U.S. Its so full of beautiful people, culture, music, fashion, and food! All the good stuff in one Texas city. Amazing. Being here brings back many memories of our visit last May. One of those memories is of going down to South Congress Ave., and doing a photo shoot with a beautiful photographer, Jennie DeVore.

I had such a great time, and am so thankful for the amazing photos that came from it. She has such a talent. Thank you Jennie!!

I decided it was time to share the photos with you. Enjoy!


-Dutchy Gazelle













Labor Day // What Goes With White

Happy September 1st everyone!

Okay, so what’s the first question people ask on September 1st? Can we still wear white??

I say yes! We can all totally wear white. But, there are some new rules.

1. No more sheer.

The light fabric of your old beach cover-ups of summer 2014 are over. Aim for materials that are a bit thicker. Such as, white skinnies, a cool white blazer, or of course, a plain white T.

2. Please no white-on-white-on-white.

The previous trend of white on white was exactally that, the previous trend. It’s important to add a little color. White pants paired with a white T can be complimented with a nude blazer or some navy blue pumps.

3. Skip the white out.

The boldness of the pure white looked great with our tans, but now its time to bring out the cream, nude, and ivory for September. Try pairing these colors with grey or camel hues.

4. Add some color.

Compliment an eggshell colored blouse with the deep maroon of your new skinny jeans or your charcoal skirt. Even black works! Sporting a black leather jacket with a white lace dress, or wearing black and white stripped shirt with your boyfriend jeans is a great way to add some color and the fall season to your outfit.

In the end, its really up to your best judgement. Its probably a good idea to try out some low rise booties if your look is to sunny, rather than forcing your sandals a few more times. Look to online resources, in magazines and to the people of your own city for more inspiration. I, of course, am always happy to answer questions as well!

Good luck!


-Dutchy Gazelle

What goes with White

Lake Day // Fringe Game

My darling mother and I spent a girls day in Milwaukee, a few weeks ago. (I’m way behind, I know.) We did a little shopping, grabbed some lunch, and toured UWM where she went to college. It was really fun to hear all of her stories and memories that she had of the days when she was younger.

Our last stop, before heading home, was a beach along Lake Michigan. It was absolutely beautiful. The lake was crystal clear and the sun was shining. I’ve grown up visiting the Lake, on the Michigan side, my whole life. My mom was born in Michigan and the large sea is her happy place. This summer we unfortunately weren’t able to go there together, so our last day in the Wisconsin area we stopped at the beach for a second.

I of course had just bought some wonderful things on our previous shopping run and just absolutely had to show them of. So, thank you mom for taking some photo’s for me.


-Dutchy Gazelle

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High-waisted jean shorts // Pac Sun <$25.00>

Sweater // Francesca’s Boutique <$30.00>

Fringe Crop Top // TJMaxx <$10.00>

Lennon Sunglasses // Earthbound Trading Co. <$14.00>



Dancing in New Orleans

New Orleans. The land of all Jazz music (the best kind, in my opinion), food that makes your tastebuds dance around your whole body, and fascinating art that covers the streets. New Orleans is such a place of excitement for me. There is always something to do, and something to see. There is so much history there, being founded by the French in the early eighteenth century, as well as a brief rule of the Spanish. Then, in the early nineteenth century the French brought Haitians to New Orleans to increase the french speaking population which added lots more culture and traditions to the city.

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My family and I were able to travel there, and stay for two nights at a beautiful park right on Lake Pontchartrain. The weather was nice, as was the view on the beach. We were able to visit the city the day after we arrived there.

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First stop; Cemetery. Of course, there are many cemeteries in New Orleans, so we just found a random one in a neighborhood and checked it out. The cemeteries here are so unique because they are all raised graves due to the city being below sea level. It was amazing to see the dates on some of the graves (oldest there was “born 1834”) while taking in the old designs of the tombstones. It sort of “took you back” to that era.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetSoon after, we got hungry and decided to check out the French Quarter which is a pretty famous area in New Orleans. We of course just HAD to stop at Cafe DuMondé to get French Beignets. Beignets are a doughnut like treat that are served hot and covered in powdered sugar. It’s so hard not to eat a billion of them.

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After beignets, we walked up and down all the streets for a few hours, taking in all the shops, people and beautiful multicultural architecture.

Once the sun went down we walked to a fun restaurant for dinner. My mom suggested it, remembering she had gone there herself in her 20’s and loved it. I was eager to go just to see what she had experienced. It was a great place filled with yummy smells, a live zydeco band, and a dance floor. The food was absolutely marvelous. We of course had to taste all the classic creole foods like jumbalaya, gumbo, shrimp étouffee, ect. My tastebuds were happy.

On the way towards the car we stopped to watch a band play for a sort of tale gate party to kick off the new football season.
People were dancing up a storm near the stage. It was so lively and exciting that mom and I gave all our bags to the boys and went out to dance as well. It was fun to let loose and get our groove on.

New Orleans was amazing. I love it every time I go. I can’t wait until I have children one day, to take them to all the places I’ve been able to travel to. I think my parents get excited as well, whenever they bring my brother and I somewhere with filled with great memories for them. It’s passing down experience and tradition to others. I love it.

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Farmer’s Market // French Love

Every Wednesday, there is a lovely farmers market here in Greenbay, WI. It’s always been my favorite farmers market.

Last Wednesday night, my mom and I decided to go on a girls day, and drive up to the market.

I love the smells and colors there, the fresh food and faces. The general vibe is wonderful. We walked around for a bit and then got dessert at a beautiful restaurant called Chefusion. I’m pretty positive that they make the best creme brule in the world there. Or at least the best out of all that I’ve had so far.

Anyway, while we were there, my waiter apparently decided that Wednesday was flirt with the customer day, because boy did he work all angles. He offered me free wine ( I almost caved for that one), he told me that I looked like is old girlfriend from France, that my name was beautiful, and spoke French to me.

I will admit, I was indeed flattered. But, as I am only seventeen and I was of course with my mother, I declined the generous offer of wine, travel and courtship. *sigh*

The desert was amazing though.

I wanted to be colorful today, as it was a farmers market and there would be berries and flowers and such. I borrowed my mom’s dress for this one. Thanks Mom!


Dutchy Gazelle





Dress from Target Australia // Thrifted for <$7.00>

Leggings from TJMaxx // Sale Price <$8.00>

Boots from DSW // Sale Price <$25.95>

Bag by H&M // Gifted




Circus // Dreamer

There once was a girl who loved to explore, some people would call her a dreamer.

She had a desire, a fire inside her, she wanted to fly higher and higher.

The circus she joined, with a few silver coins, she left the land that she knew.

She was happy, she was keen in her outfit of green, to fly with the creatures beside her.

The jewels on her breast and her hair at its best, she’s floating in a wonderland.

For the dreams that she dreams and excitement she’s seen, she took you by the hand.

And brought you to this land of love and space, the castle of tricks and desires.

All the faces and spaces, the magical places, the circus was always inside her.








-Dutchy Gazelle


Highwaisted swim bottoms // Originally <$40.00> , Thrifted <$4.50>

Bikini Top by GUESS // Originally <$26.95> , Thrifted <$7.00>

Sunglasses from Target // Originally <$20.00> , Thrifted for <$4.00>