Front Porch Brunch // Basics

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday, I was invited to a ladies brunch in celebration of a drear friend’s birthday.

It took me a minute to decide what to wear to a ladies brunch, since I don’t frequently attend these things. I was searching for a comfortable outfit that was dressy enough for a party. (You know me, always laid back and comfy)

I decided upon this white blouse from BCBG, and dark wash skinny jeans, a nicer take on the classic jeans and T-shirt combo. I added a bar of wedges booties for style and height, and joined the party!


Dutchy Gazelle

(Happy Birthday, April)

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Skinny Jeans: BullHead Denim by PacSun

Blouse: BCBG Generation

Sunnies: Thrifted

Wedges: Forever 21


South Padre Island // Travel Update

Hello Everyone!
After a six month stint in Austin, TX, I’m excited to start traveling again.

Our first stop was South Padre Island, a beach/resort town for the snow birds, or what the locals call, Winter Texans. It’s also a destination spot for spring breakers from universities all around the country. It’s a beautiful island with a small town feel, surfing, music, and great people. South Padre is also the home of the Island Folk Festival that takes place every September. I had a great time with our host, Aarin, who is the founder of the Island Folk Fest, as well as the self appointed ambassador of the island. She is a talented woman, full of energy and a great laugh.

One of Aarins gifts is photography. She has a great eye and her ability to work with the lighting dynamics of a sunset was outstanding. We spend an evening down by the war and had a ton of fun balancing on the docks. Here are some pictures from the shoot.

Graciana 4
Graciana 6
Graciana 8

My Best Friend


Traveling is such a joy. Traveling is such an adventure. This adventure is especially enjoyed, when spent with my best friend.

Siblings are put in our lives for a reason. I’m so incredible thankful for my kid brother. The excitement of venturing to a new place is only intensified when he is here with me, someone to share memories with, stories with.

Of course like all siblings, we have our bickering moments, but there is so much more laughter and so much more joy! I’m excited to continue our journey together this year.

I love you little brother.




New Years Eve // Reflections

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year! 2015 has come so fast.

I’d like to share a few highlights of the past years’ travel, food, fashion, etc. Many wonderful things have happened this year and I’m so thankful to have been able to share it with so many beautiful people.

Australia (Jan-April): I had the privilege of traveling to Australia with my family, to visit relatives as well as tour musically. A lot of new friends were made, many wonderful foods were eaten, and of course, I treasure all the time at the many lovely beaches there. This was also the time when I started my fashion blog!

Spring Tour (April-June): Our two lovely friends, Greg and Jeffrey joined us for two months of travel from Phoenix, Az all the way to Green Bay, WI. With a few stops in between including; Albuquerque, NM; Austin, TX; Hot Springs, AK.

Midwest Summer (June-Aug): In June I was asked to be apart of the Steel Bridge Song Fest Construction Zone workshop in Sturgeon Bay, WI. It was such an experience and I would love to do it all over again. I miss all the people I was able to connect with there.

I’ve been going to summer camp since I was ten years old. Camp Tekakwithia in Shawano, WI has been a place of so many childhood memories, and I was so excited to be able to work there this summer as well as visit childhood friends in Green Bay which was only 30 min away. It was a joy to be able to cary out the tradition of attending camp each year, while transitioning to a new role as staff.  I was able to work with my best friend, and my family was at my side, living there and working the whole time as well.

End of Summer Tour (Aug-Sep): Two more travelers joined us in Chicago, IL on our way back down to Austin, TX. Rhys is a young man from Glenrowen, Vic., Australia. We met him and his family a few months before in Australia and made a plan for him to travel across the ocean to our bus. It was so fun to be able to show him around and take him to experience all the “American” things. Sylvia, a dear friend of mine from my hometown in Green Bay, WI joined us for two weeks. It was a joy to share space with a friend who was a girl my age. Ha! We passed through many cities including Nashville, TN; New Orleans, LA and ended the tour back in Austin, Tx.

Austin Fall (Sep-December): We spent the fall parked in Austin, Tx. During this time we met truly beautiful people at folk conferences, music venues, grocery stores, bars, etc. It was crazy how fast friends can be made. We were parked on a property right near the water and would often have parties during the warmer days. We would invite all of our new friends to swim, share a meal, and jam afterwards. I’ve come to love each and everyone of our new family.

The Big Birthday Surprise (Nov): I recently turned 18 and was surprised with a Nord Keyboard, a gift from many friends who I’ve known my whole life. I’d grown up playing piano and had to give it up for a few years on the road due to limited space. I’ve been working on my own music and longed to feel my fingers on keys again. Thank you to everyone who supported and gifted me with this instrument. My second surprise was a weekend trip to NYC (It’s been my dream to visit since forever) with my Mom. We left early the next morning with excitement and anticipation. Even more, when we got to the hotel downtown, my Nana was there waiting! The whole trip was so lovely and I felt instantly at home.

Christmas (Dec-Jan): We traveled a bit for the holidays, with quick stop to Lafayette, LA to witness the marriage of two very close friends of ours, then driving to see more friends in Albuquerque, NM and spending Christmas with family in Phoenix, Az.

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As a whole, this year was filled with blessings beyond what I could have imagined. I am incredibly thankful to have family and friends who love and support me this much. I’m excited to continue my life in the new year, traveling and creating, being filled with new dreams and desires. Making new memories. Connecting with new and great people. Loving and trusting to the fullest of my being. I encourage you to do the same.

Happy New Year Everyone. Much love. God Bless.


-Dutchy Gazelle